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Suspense thriller screenplays by Kay Patterson of Pittsburgh, PA.

Hooray for Hollywood! Lights. Camera. Action.

Screenplays are another expression of storytelling.

Unlike novels, screenplays are light on word count. They are concise. Each word in one has a purpose ~ to focus the reader on the story being told.

Screenplays don’t contain lengthy description.

They convey character motives and desires through action and dialogue.

A feature film Spec Script averages 90 to 110 pages. They contain more white space per page than a novel.

More white space means less bulky narrative. Bulky blocks of narrative in novels cause readers to turn pages. Why? Because readers crave the juicy parts of the story.

Long blocks of description turn script readers off. The script reader stops reading. If they stop reading your script before it ends, they reject your script.

Good screenwriting focuses on the juicy parts of Story.

Juicy stories, written right, attract the script reader’s attention.

That script reader flags your script with good coverage. Good coverage gets your script read by someone higher within the movie industry.

You want this.

To see your movie on the Big Screen ~ before millions of movie goers ~ you must please a script reader.

You must write a proper screenplay.

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