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novels by Kay Patterson: A Trace of Stirling, Righteous, Hunting for Chameleons

“The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written” ~ Joyce Carol Oates

Devoting most of my time learning the art of screenwriting and writing spec scripts, my current novels are works in progress.

Two have moved beyond initial brainstorming and outlining stages. The opening and subsequent chapters of their beginning – their Act One – have been completed. I’m well into their Middles, – their Act Two – where the Main Character is fully engulfed in his/her woes. I’ve done a great job so far in upsetting their normal lives. Tossed them into a mess they will be forced to clear up before their lives stabilize again – for better or worse.

You gotta love the Godlike power of that!

As writers, we create lives.  We destroy the fake façade they initially portray in each of our stories.  We thrust characters into an upside version of their world. Push them to their emotional and physical limits until everything they love seems lost. Then, we give them the epiphany that will morph them into a hero. A hero with the power to make their life better than it was before.