Welcome to the virtual office of Kay Patterson, fiction and screen writer.

My clutter free desk in the cloud.

My virtual studio bears no resemblance to my actual writing space.

Lucky for you, because I write in an office on the 3rd floor of my home. An office that’s partially-insulated, so it’s hot in summer and cold in winter.

In a virtual office, no air conditioning or heat is needed. No folders or stacked papers clutter my virtual desk. No ringing phone or barking dog distract me here. And, no household chores demand for my attention.

There’s just ample space to focus on generating story ideas, to discuss writing, and to share writing advice and my writing experiences with you.

From this space you can learn more about:

My Current Projects
~ What I’m working on right now
~ What I’m tackling next
~ What’s on the shelf for later

My Fiction
~ What types of fiction I write
~ Tips on fiction writing
~ Sample stories you can read

My Screenwriting
~ What type of spec scripts I write
~ Advice about writing spec scripts
~ What scripts I’m currently working

Where to Find and Read my Stories
~ Current and past publications

My virtual office suite is spacious. Visit every nook and cranny.

Drop by often ~ there’s bound to be something new. Something you might find helpful. Maybe an added story for you to enjoy.

Please feel welcome to browse around.