Midnight Hearse, Tales of Terror & Mayhem Volume I, a horror collection by Kay Patterso

A collection of new and previously published short horror fiction ~ Coming Soon!

Also coming October 2020 ~ the first volume of my Flash horror collection Midnight Hearse, Tales of Terror & Mayhem will be released.

Witchwood Press and illustrator Jamie Noble have done a phenomenal job in preparing the book formatting and cover.  The ghoulish cover image by Anna Maltseva from Shutterstock is wonderful.

Set to publish in both paperback and an ebook formats, Midnight Hearse, volume one will feature 28 of my new and previously published short and flash fiction stories.

I’m so excited!

Here’s a sampling of its back cover blurb:

Inside the dark realm of Midnight Hearse, the impossible happens. Evil and the uncanny rule. Life dangles by a thread as encounters turn deadly. Ghosts seek out the living. Every consequence is dire. And luck is your best ally.

  • A breeder of exotic pets introduces a prospective family to her new litter.
  • The world undergoes a frightening overhaul during Christmas and not everyone welcomes the season of dark tidings.
  • An exterminator encounters a disturbing infestation during a late night service call.
  • Retired circus performers hire a Temp to retrieve their missing pet.
  • A clause in a union contract forces a cargo worker to pay restitution to his employer when he inadvertently manhandles an outgoing shipping crate.

Inside volume one, you’ll find tales of deadly revenge, ghost stories, and end-of-the-world moments. Stories that will make you shiver and squirm, grin and giggle.

“The Hearse delivers chuckles and chills!”

“Great late-night read.”

“A perfect campfire companion, filled with spooky stories worth sharing.”

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