Creepy Bits, vol 1, by Kay Patterson, a horror collection of twisted Fibonacci sequence based poetry, Flash and Micro fiction.

A collection of twisted Fibonacci poetry, flash and micro fiction.

Coming October 2020 ~ comes the first volume of Creepy Bits, my collection of twisted Fibonacci sequence- based poetry, flash and micro fiction.

For this collection, Witchwood Press and illustrator Jamie Noble have produced the perfect ghoulish book cover using an image by Larissa Kulik through

Published in both paperback and ebook format, Creepy Bits, volume one will feature over 100 of my new and previously published Fibonacci poems and micro fiction ~ with a sprinkling of morbid flash fiction.

It’s so thrilling seeing all this come together!

In paperback, Creepy Bit makes a perfect Halloween Read!

Here’s a sampling of its back cover blurb:

Horror lovers will delight in reading these morbid morsels of the macabre artfully blended with twisted and eerie Fibonacci sequenced-based poetry.

This haunting collection of Micro Fiction, Drabbles and Poetry depicts nightmarish encounters with zombies, ghouls, ghosts, killer weeds, unearthly beasts, uncanny and catastrophic events, evil and the supernatural.

Kay Patterson offers shivers and giggles with an ominous air that prevails from page to page.

Read these tantalizing tingles at night, when your house is quiet, with only a single light aglow.

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