So Much Time ~ So Much to Do

Now that I’ve relinquished my responsibility as an editor and publisher, I’m no longer inundated with story submissions.  I no longer have the pressure of a bi-monthly publication deadline or the stress of compiling, proofing, and managing an online magazine. I have ‘me‘ time.…

New Year, New Adgenda

Since last July, I’ve been off pursuing various diversions. The biggest diversion being my desire to learn the art of screenwriting ~ as if the already bubbling brook in my brain needs another fork to burble over.

I’ve also been devoting more time novel writing, moving away from churning out short fiction.…

Alien Queen is A-Twitter

To Tweet or Not to Tweet ~ Succumbing to the Urge to Twitter

Yes, I did it.  Finally, at the urging of fellow writers and friends, I’ve joined

I’ve entered my tweet, chose my lovely background, customized my colors, and selected a few fiction writers to follow.…

New Year, New Goals

A Recap of My 2007 Goals ~

How Did They Stack Up to My Expectations?

Last year, I set 6 writing goals for myself.  The goals were achievable.  I set a bar for myself higher than my normal productivity, but no so high that they weret unrealistic or unobtainable. …

A Retreat Treat Every Writer Needs

May remained a hectic, but productive month for me as a writer.  My day-job allots me vacation time and I took advantage of that wonderful benefit.

I treated myself to a Writer’s Weekend.

Sans hubby, daughter, phone service, Internet, and all but 3 TV channels, I spent 4 days and 3 nights in the woods at a semi-secluded, Bed & Breakfast style lodge here in Pennsylvania.  …

March Madness

This has been a very busy month ~ as you can surmise my ‘micro-posts’ here on my blog.

Aside from speeding through another, unusually large mound of short story submissions for AlienSkin, I’ve attended the HorrorFind convention in Maryland; met Adrienne Barbeau; met with our recently interviewed UFO investigator and alien abductee, Alan Caviness; and I’ve been working under the clock, trying to complete stories and to have my own submissions in to editor before deadlines arrive.…