kay patterson fiction and screen writer, former editor of Alien Skin Magazine.

Yep, I was a frenzied editor. I received and read thousands of short story submissions.

Many writers call me Alien Queen Mum.

I was the creator and senior editor of AlienSkin Magazine, a popular online Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror publication.

AlienSkin published Flash Fiction from new and established writers. Each issue offered articles on Fiction Writing.

As a publisher, I shared thousands of creepy, fascinating, and interesting stories with readers.

I received hundreds of story submissions each month. Writers from all over the world sent me stories. I read every one. Wrote replies to every writer. Offered advice to many.

As a publisher, I made the primary dream of writers a reality.

I helped writers get published.

I still help writers.  Even after AlienSkin Magazine ceased publication in  2010.

The About Writing section of my blog offers Tips and Advice on Fiction Writing.Kay

I write Suspense Thrillers now. Novels and Spec Scripts for Featured Films. My website offers advice on those forms of writing, as well as advice on writing short fiction.

Look for updates on my Current Projects and Publications.

My fiction has appeared in many print and online magazines and anthologies, such as, Apex Digest, From the AsylumTwisted Tongue, Black Box, FlashSpec II , Murky Depths, and Read By Dawn.

Some of my stories are still on the Web.

Check out my Publications News to see where.